No-Needle Anesthetic

A new surgical approach called “no needle vasectomy” is now offering men a new, less-invasive treatment option for permanent male birth control.

The no needle jet anesthetic technique, originally pioneered in North America, was introduced to the U.S. urological market at the 100th annual meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA) in San Antonio May 21-26, 2005.


In a traditional vasectomy, an anesthetic is delivered via a needle into the scrotum to numb the area before the surgical procedure. With this new procedure, the anesthetic is delivered into the target area with a no needle jet injection - decreasing the fear of needles and removing needle injection pain.

Key Benefits of No Needle Vasectomy

According to physician experts in this field, the three key benefits of the no needle approach to vasectomy are that it:

  • Simplifies the surgical technique
  • Lowers patient fears
  • Reduces pain in men undergoing the procedure